A personal mission, a commitment to policy change


A wheat-farmer’s daughter from Broadwater County, Montana, I wasn’t raised in a political household. I was raised to help my neighbor, to work until the job was completed, to take responsibility for my actions, that compound interest can be your best friend or your worst enemy, and that raccoons make terrible pets.

 I learned that it’s impossible to wring your hands and roll up your sleeves at the same time.

After graduating from The University of Montana in Cell & Molecular Biology, I had my sights set on a career in research when my sister was diagnosed with Stage III cancer. In 1998, preventative screenings didn’t happen if you were a low-income mother of two. Rolling up my sleeves to help her and her family navigate through her treatment to eventual recovery shifted my perspective about what important work looked like.

I realized that decisions had been made that didn’t allow my sister to get cancer screenings, access proper care without struggling, protect her job or her income when she was sick. They didn’t help her – they hurt her. And they were made in rooms to which she didn’t have access. So…I started working for public interest campaigns and candidates that would have made different decisions that those that put her in that situation. I made it my mission to gain access to the rooms where those decisions were made.

Today, my job is to get access to those rooms.

Whether we need to lobby, campaign, or strategize, I can help you navigate the politics and policy in Montana with confidence and finesse.

I believe that regulatory and legislative affairs shape nearly every aspect of our society. I’m a veteran of political campaigns and have leveraged my vast, diverse network to identify strategic opportunities, forecast policy shifts, and unify unconventional allies.

Conflict is my comfort zone.

There’s no one I won’t talk to, and there’s no one I won’t invite to the table. The first person I ask about legislation is the smartest person who disagrees with me. I seek out dialogue to identify what has been missing from my understanding. That’s how we create real change.

As a government relations leader with over 20 years of experience, I can help you discover options you didn’t know you had.

Stakeholders have trusted me to:

  • translate highly complex concepts in a way that elected officials and bureaucrats can meaningfully relate to
  • connect with constituents using core value statements and approaches
  • analyze and predict policy trends
  • guide decision-making processes to achieve positive outcomes
  • represent highly regulated industries like liquor, cannabis, and insurance

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